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Caribbean Hotel: Kobi Karp’s Vision from Art Deco to Modernity

3/2/24, 6:00 PM

About the Event

Experience an exclusive Open House Miami (OHMIA) tour led by the esteemed architect Kobi Karp of Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design (KKAID). This unique event grants you access to three iconic Miami landmarks: the Caribbean Hotel, Cadillac Hotel, and Surf Club, each a testament to Karp's innovative approach to architecture and preservation.

About the Host

Kobi Karp, recognized internationally for his contributions to architecture and interior design, will guide attendees through these historic and contemporary sites, sharing his insights on the design challenges and successes. The tour will offer a behind-the-scenes look at:

Caribbean Hotel: Experience the preservation of this 1940s Mid-Beach landmark within the John S. Collins Historic District, and explore how the restoration directly influenced the design of an adjacent contemporary tower.

This exclusive tour is a rare opportunity to hear directly from Kobi Karp about the philosophy behind integrating Miami’s architectural heritage with modern design elements, making it a must-attend for architecture enthusiasts and those curious about the stories behind Miami's most beloved buildings. Join us for an enlightening journey through Miami's architectural past and present.

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