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Dacra Design District Walking Tour

3/1/24, 8:00 PM

About the Event

Join Dacra and tour host Thomas Wheeler on a walking tour around the Miami Design District. The Miami Design District features a world-class collection of public art and murals by renowned and award-winning artists and architects, which is fully accessible to Miami residents and visitors.

About the Host

Founded by Craig Robins in 1987, Dacra is a real estate development company that has a unique vision for cultivating strong and vibrant communities through a distinctive combination of commerce and culture. Use of art and design to enrich the built environment has been a core tenet of Dacra’s development strategy and its projects are known worldwide for their site specific art and design elements.

Dacra has been the driving force behind the continued development of the Miami Design District for more than two decades. Today, the neighborhood is an international destination for art, design, fashion and culture.

To learn more about the Miami Design District visit

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