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Design for Life: Reinventing the Modern Home

3/1/24, 9:00 PM

About the Event

Caplow Manzano is on a mission to reinvent the modern home in South Florida, starting with CM1, an elevated 2596 sqft single-family home in Miami’s Silver Bluff neighborhood. The project's goal is simple but radical: make a new type of home that would last 100 years while helping people live longer. CM1 is currently on track to becoming the first house in Florida to earn WELL certification under the brand-new WELL for Residential Program. CM1 is also designed to achieve LEED platinum certification. The house is built entirely without drywall and has several other innovative features.

Join the Caplow Manzano team for a behind-the-scenes look at the most health-conscious new home in Miami.

About the Host

Based in Miami, Caplow Manzano designs a new type of home uniquely adapted to the urban tropics. Composed of architects, engineers, and designers who believe that the future of South Florida demands rethinking the way we build; the firm’s philosophy, called “design for life,” refers to homes that support a healthy life, that are eco-friendly and that last for a very long time. Caplow Manzano’s homes are elevated for the next 100 years of sea level rise and reinvented from the inside out to eliminate drywall, minimize AC ducts, and remove any hiding places for mold, mildew, pests, and allergens. The firm also emphasizes thermal performance, lifetime carbon impacts, and solar energy.

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