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Dream in Green & Swire Properties: Design & Build Competition Finals

3/2/24, 3:00 PM

About the Event

Dream in Green’s Design & Build Competition culmination will bring together over 10 local schools to present 3-D physical models teams have created to show how to design green spaces that are both resilient and sustainable. This event is open to the public and will showcase the adaptation strategies that students have been learning about to plan for Miami’s future.

About the Host

Dream in Green’s mission is to empower individuals, especially youth, to lead in the response to climate change and other environmental challenges facing South Florida since 2006.

We assist diverse organizations, including schools, households, local governments, and businesses, reduce their environmental footprint. By establishing partnerships in our community, we develop, implement, and oversee educational programs and workshops that promote environmentally sustainable behaviors among all age groups, with a particular emphasis on K-12 students.

Our programs have served 340 unique schools and over 90,000 individuals, roughly 74,000 of whom were K-12 students. Our partner schools have helped conserve 41.1 million kilowatt hours of electricity, which saved 3.8 million dollars and reduced or offset 62.4 million pounds of carbon emissions–the same as taking 3,942 homes off the electricity grid for one year. View our Annual Impact Report to see more of our recent accomplishments.

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