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Historical Little Havana Walking Tour by Viernes Culturales

3/2/24, 12:00 AM

About the Event

Little Havana's walking tour is a great way for the whole family to enjoy the history and culture of the neighborhood while taking in some live music, food, and libations in the process. Join us, along with Dr Paul George and his proteges, as we take a walk along SW 8 Street and behold the historic art and architecture of the one-of-a-kind neighborhood. The tour will include stops at Cuban Memorial Boulevard, Tower Theatre, famed Ball & Chain, Futurama Galleries, and finish off by savoring a delicious Cuban Cafecito at La Colada Gourmet.

Come dance, eat, shop, and enjoy an authentic and delightful evening in Little Havana with us on Calle Ocho (8 street from 14th-17th Avenue)!

About the Host

America is a nation of immigrants and Little Havana is Miami’s Ellis Island—a place where generations of people have launched their American journey. An internationally recognized symbol of the role of immigrants in the American story, Little Havana remains a thriving, healthy, and culturally rich urban neighborhood, mostly thanks to Viernes Culturales and the many who have collaborated for 24 years to preserve the area.

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