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Open House Miami Scavenger Hunt in Miami Beach

3/2/24, 3:00 PM

About the Event

Open House Miami invites participants to explore their city; what better way to do that than a Scavenger Hunt! Urban Anthropology is hosting an exclusive one-day scavenger hunt in Miami Beach during Open House Miami weekend and we invite you to join our adventure. This is a great experience for either individuals or groups who want to explore their city on foot.

We want you to explore your city like urban anthropologists; inclined to discover your way around, forever in search of stories and hidden gems. But, let’s add some competitive fun with it! Both tourists and locals are welcome to join the Open House Miami Scavenger Hunt. It runs all day on March 2, 2024 and can take about 2 hours to complete.

See you in Miami beach for the Open House Miami Scavenger Hunt – where every corner has a story, and every story awaits an explorer.

About the Host

Cities have an energy all their own and we love it all, even those calm early hours when the street lights blink yellow, everything is quiet, and the air is light. City life might be exhilarating, exhausting or something in between. Some days it’s all of the above. But living and moving among lots of people – different people – makes us more human, or maybe it’s just more connected.

We are the pulse of the city, but we still look both ways, even on a one-way, because everyone knows that cities never sleep and rarely follow rules. So why Urban Anthropology? To celebrate what’s magical and crazy, typical and unusual, and found nowhere but a city.

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