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South Beach Skateboarding Tour

3/2/24, 2:00 PM

About the Event

Glide through the streets of South Beach on your board, skates, or bike while your host, @carothetourguide leads you through the city's history and architectural treasures. This tour could be physically strenuous and will be subject to Miami's weather conditions. Bring water, sunscreen, your camera, and your childlike curiosity to enjoy a morning on the beach.

About the Host

Carolina is a Miami native who has been promoting Miami’s history and culture since 2016 through her profession in tourism and, since 2020, through her social media channels. Carolina is a vibrant tour guide, leading groups since she was 19. Her passion for Miami and South Florida shows her vast knowledge of the city's architecture, social scene, and upbringing. Her tours range from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys and can cover many small neighborhoods in depth. She’ll have you leaving South Florida with a deeper appreciation and further understanding of this part of the peninsula while having a great time. On her social media, she is focused on promoting the goodness of Miami-Dade County with a focus on history, culture, unique experiences, and advocacy.

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