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The Story of Miami City Ballet

3/2/24, 3:00 PM

About the Event

Miami City Ballet is about to undergo a transformative journey as G. Alvarez Studio, Inc. gears up to embark on a substantial renovation of the Miami City Ballet's Miami Beach Facilities. This exciting endeavor marks a pivotal moment in the ballet company's history as it aims to enhance its infrastructure to serve its dancers, staff, and patrons.

The renovation will encompass various aspects of the Miami City Ballet's Miami Beach Facilities, including state-of-the-art dance studios, enhanced backstage areas, and upgraded amenities for performers and guests. This endeavor represents a commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of ballet and it is being led by Juan Jose Escalante, Executive Director.

As part of the excitement surrounding this project, Miami City Ballet offers an exclusive opportunity for participants to get a sneak peek into the renovation process.

About the Host

About Miami City Ballet:

Miami City Ballet, founded in 1985, is a world-renowned ballet company dedicated to presenting the finest in classical and contemporary ballet repertoire. Led by Artistic Director Lourdes Lopez, Miami City Ballet is committed to artistic excellence, innovation, and community engagement, captivating audiences locally and internationally.

About G. Alvarez Studio, Inc.:

G. Alvarez Studio, Inc. is a leading architecture and design firm specializing in innovative and transformative projects. With a passion for excellence and creativity, G. Alvarez Studio, Inc. is dedicated to crafting spaces that inspire and elevate the human experience.

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