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William Lane and Savino & Miller: South Pointe Park and Lifeguard Towers

3/2/24, 3:00 PM

About the Event

Join us for an exclusive Open House Miami (OHMIA) event experience: a guided tour of South Pointe Park in Miami Beach, led by landscape architect Savino & Miller Design Studio and William Lane Architect, key figures behind the park's original design. This tour offers a unique opportunity to explore one of Miami Beach's most iconic public spaces through the eyes of its creators.

Discover the thoughtful design elements, sustainable landscaping, and architectural features that make South Pointe Park a beloved community landmark. Then, walk down Miami Beach's iconic Beachwalk path guided by William Lane to tour his photo-esque lifeguard towers that make Miami's beaches pop with color. This tour is a must-attend for architecture and landscape enthusiasts eager to learn about integrating natural beauty with urban design.

Take advantage of this chance to gain insight into the creative process behind the park's development and the lifeguard towers, which are significant to the Miami Beach community.

About the Host

William Lane Architect is a full-service design firm founded in 1990. The Miami-based office specializes in the planning and designing of public and private spaces by merging art and architecture to generate a more dynamic environment. The office takes a collaborative approach to design, fostering an open exchange of ideas within the firm and with clients. Since the design process is tailored to the client’s program, context, and site, each of the firm’s projects has a unique character and appearance.

Each design emerges from a process of consistent refinement and dialogue with clients, from initial inquiry to well beyond occupancy. The firm is renowned for impeccably crafted and expertly managed projects. William Lane Architect has a proven record of providing the finest in contemporary design and has received several awards. Our projects have appeared in numerous national and international publications. 

Savino & Miller Design Studio

Savino & Miller Design Studio works to preserve, enhance, and transform environments with the purpose to enrich human experience, and promote ecological stewardship. We believe that design should consider and respect context, bring people together, and foster a greater awareness of place.

Savino & Miller Design Studio began in 1993 with the partnership of Adriana Savino and Barry Miller as a collaborative approach with architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and regional planning. Their first projects focused on the Art Deco District in Miami Beach where they showed how small gardens, courtyards and the outdoor terraces further contribute in the resurgence of the district framing, complementing and animating the beautiful architecture.

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